This prestigious brand of German origin offers a wide and interesting assortment of chocolates. It was created in 1895, following German traditions and inspired by an artisanal receipt, and maintaining customs. It has cornered highly competitive markets with different alternatives of affordable products. At present, this brand has a mass-production line (Porta) which offers a selection of chocolates with fruit fillings, among others. It also has the Weinrich´s 1895 brand which offers a line of fine truffle chocolates with alcohol (such as Whisky, Amaretto, Vodka, among others), and dried fruits such as almonds and raisins. Additionally, the finest line includes white chocolate and 85% cocoa, among others. The Elysia brand offers high-quality chocolate, with a prevalence of cocoa-rich chocolate, as well as varieties comprising mint, orange, and chili pepper, among others.